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Your privacy is important, so we'd like to explain what information we collect when you use this web site, why we collect it and how it is used. First, we do not share any information with anybody ever. Second we use the most sophisticated E-Commerce Secure Web Host and software available to date. Rest assured when using our website that your information is completely secure. And lastly unlike most Online Stores we do not automatically add you to a list of any sort. Our customers come back to us because they love our products, we do not bombard our customers with repeated emails. We don't like it done to us so we do it.

Special note about children

This Site is not intended for children, especially children under 13. Children should use this Site only with the direct supervision of their parent.

What information do we collect from you? Why?

The only information that we gather is necessary to complete your order and to prevent fraud. We use a Paypal Merchant Account to deal with all of our online billing. We receive an invoice from Paypal on our secure email server. Not the same email server we use for general inquiries. We use Paypal for several reasons. After investigating all of the available Online Merchant Account Providers we came to the conclusion that there was not one that we would trust with our Credit Cards or Bank Account information. Paypal is different, you enter your information once, when you sign up. Therefore your financial information is not transmitted across the internet again from an unknown source. In our experience it is absolutely the most secure means of making a purchase on the internet. Any activity on your Paypal account results in an immediate email alert. Unlike using a credit card without Paypal you may not know there has been account activity until you receive your monthly statement. That is why we use it exclusively.

It is important that you do not respond to any email that may look like it came from Paypal asking for account information. If you have any doubts follow the instructions here.

We receive none of your personal financial information at all. In fact we don't even know what form of funding you provide to Paypal only that you have paid.

What are cookies? Why do we use them?

We use Encrypted Cookies only to identify your Browser to our Site for inventory of items in your Shopping Cart. These Cookies cannot be accessed by other sites. We do not use any form of Tracking Cookie or Super Cookie. We see this as an intrusion and do not use such practices for any reason.

How do we protect information we collect?

We use a secure web server to collect your name, address, phone number and email address. This is necessary to confirm your order, shipping address and to prevent fraud. This protects both of us. All of our communication is accomplished by email. We only access your phone number in the event we cannot reach you by email it will be used for no purpose other than your order.

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