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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is the Standard Color for a certain scent?
    A. The standard color we use is the "industry standard" for that scent. We follow what the major candle companies use for their scents because this is what our customers tend to expect.
    If in doubt select custom color and type in the color you would like. You may also email or call anytime.

  • Q. I heard that people with allergies to soy have a bad reaction around soy candles.
    A. While we have not seen a single documented case of this, it is possible so use caution. Conversely paraffin and gel candles contain know carcinogens.

  • Q.I placed an order, how do I know it has been received and processed? Can I check on my order?
    A. Your order is confirmed when you receive an email from us, this confirms the order you placed is in our system and no further action is required.
    A2. Please use the email on the bottom of every page, use contact us, or phone to check your order. For us to provide you with up to the minute updates would mean all of our customers would have to open an account. We used this method for a while, but for you we decided that was too much, another username and password to remember. This creates a security risk and besides one of our goals is to make your experience as easy and as simple as possible.

  • Q. Are soy candles really 100% soot free?
    A. No, no candle is 100% soot free. But they are 99% cleaner burning than their petroleum counterparts.

  • Q. Is PayPal safe? Will they sell my email address or send me spam?
    A. We use a Paypal Business Account, it is fully integrated with our secure checkout. It has been our experience with merchant account providers that you never know who you are dealing with. Some are really shady, cheap, overseas and in our eyes not trustworthy enough for our customers. PayPal is very well known and processes millions of transactions a day and have a very strict customer protection policy.
    Almost all of the bad press about PayPal were rumors started by disgruntled merchants that were required to give refunds per PayPal's customer protection policy.
    Your email is safe with us and PayPal. We closely guard your personal information as does Paypal.
    2A. Spam is sent by spammers disguising the email to look like it came from PayPal. After you make a purchase using PayPal you are sent one email confirming that you have made a purchase and one email informing you of shipment and tracking numbers.
    Spammers get your email address through many different means, but not from PayPal and not through us.

  • Q. What about my credit card and/or bank account information? Do you receive any of this?
    A. Absolutely not. We only receive an invoice from Paypal informing us you paid. We do not even know what type of funding you used to make your purchase.

  • Q. I do not have a PayPal account can I still buy candles.
    A. Yes. There is an option on the payment page that allows you to pay for your order without a PayPal account. Most of our customers do not have an account.

  • Q. Do you test your candles? How do you determine the burn time?
    A. Yes we do test our candles.
    Burn times are given a range from worst to best. Five ounce and less candles are burned for two hours then allowed to cool, the wick is trimmed and then relit. Candles over five ounces are burned for four hours or more allowed to cool, the wick is trimmed and then relit.
    This is done at least twice for each candle, once in a still air room and once in a room with a slight draft.
    We burn every candle until it extinguishes itself to ensure the container will not break if forgotten about. When using a votive holder from another company always follow any special instructions that came with it.

  • More to come, this is a work in progress. If you have any questions or concerns use the email address or phone number at the bottom of every page or use the contact us form.

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