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Comments From Our Wonderful Customers

Name = Gail
Subject = first time buyer
Comments = I received my two candles today and I love them. I am so happy with the scents I chose and the delivery, I will order many more in the future.
Thank you, I also appreciated the free delivery offer. I only use soy candles and yours are now my favorites. Gail

Name = Lynn D.
Subject = Candles
Comments = Our candles arrived today and all in perfect order. The service you provide is second to none and the candles are the best we have ever bought. You will be hearing from us again soon, keep up the GREAT work.

Hi Joyce, I received my candles in perfect condition on the scheduled day. I started burning the vanilla votive yesterday, and it is on again today. I cannot believe the scent floating around here. I have a large living room area and the whole room smells wonderful. I am really having a nice experience with your soy candle. I cannot even believe how well it is burning!!! This makes me feel great, because I will no longer be buying paraffin and supporting the shipments of oil coming from Iraq. My son and I have asthma and allergies and this will give us cleaner air while still enjoying the flame and scent of a lovely candle. Thank you sooo much for making them special for me.
Irene G.
Name = Carol K.
Subject = Candles
Comments = I thought Yankee Candles were my favorite candles until I bought yours!!! All the scents are very fragrant for the entire home and they have the slowest burning time for any candles I have had. I love the unique packaging with decorative bows, lace, and charms. They make ideal unique gifts for any occasion. Also, the colors are very appealing. I think it's wonderful that you and your mom have such a fun project/business together. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see what new items you might come up with.
Name = Sharon R.
Subject = Candles
Comments = I really want to tell you how I enjoy your soy candles. The fragrances are wonderful. The candles add a certain ambiance to my home not to mention the length of time your candles burn. There is no wasting of wax the candle burns evenly. I feel like I am getting my money's worth with your candles and I would recommend them to my friends. They are wonderful for baby shower's, wedding gifts or holiday decorations for the home.
Candle Lover,
Name = BRENDA W.
Subject = Candles
Comments = I ENJOYED MY SOY CANDLE VERY MUCH.It Filled the whole house with fragrance and I felt relaxed after a hard day at work. I will recommend your wonderful candles to my friends! I found that the candle lasted twice as long as my old candles and without soot!
Name = Florence D.
Subject = Soy Candles
Comments = I did not even like using candles until I tried Soy Candles. To me candles were just a stinky ball of wax, but soy candles burn with a wonderful fragrance and no soot. I recently gave one as a gift for a 70th birthday and the birthday girl loves it and wants to buy the candles for her friends!!!!
Name = G. Keys
Subject = Candles
Comments = The fragrance of this candle took me by surprise, I was cleaning my house and every now and then there was a wonderful soft smell, big but not over powering, just right I LOVE THEM
Name = Marian L.
Subject = Candles/Gifts
Comments = I purchased several of your candles, some for myself and some to give as gifts. They are always well received by my friends. The embellishments, the long burning time and delightful fragrances all ad up to a good value for the price. Thanks.
Name = ETHEL J.
Subject = CANDLES
Name = Lavita
Subject = Candles
Comments = I really enjoy my candles, cottage breeze is a warm and fresh scent and this scent makes my home a joy to be in. Love spell has a very soft and sweet scent and is one scent a mother like myself can enjoy.
Thank You, Leavitta
Name = Linda B
Subject = Soy Candles
Comments = I love my new soy candles! I have always just bought the cheapest candles I could find. Then I would always be disappointed because they would burn down the center and the wick would be gone thus wasting the whole thing. Not only that, they do not even keep the fragrance they are suppose to be! The soy candle I bought burned completely and I love the scent of the cinnamon apple and Cool Citrus Basil. I will never waste my money on those cheap old nasty candles again!
Name = Mike H.
Subject = Candles
Comments = I prefer your soy candles over paraffin because it is less toxic and it smells better and you can even smell the fragrance when it is not burning.

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