Finest Soy Candles 100% Organic Non Toxic Made From NV Soy Wax

About Finest Soy Candles

We started out making candles for fun and giving them as gifts. Just me and my mom. One thing led to another and pretty soon people started wanting to buy our candles. After a while it became viable for me to take this to a level of business that I was able to make it my full time job. Actually I put in way more hours with our candle business than I ever did at any job.

Like our company title we strive to make the finest all natural, vegetable based, nontoxic candles available while still keeping them affordable. We are always improving and my mother - the creative one is always coming up with new ideas. We tried branding our candles with different labels and packaging and asked for opinions and every person we asked preferred my mothers charms, ribbons and other unique decorations to any labeling or packaging. So if you were curious as to why our candles do not have labels that is why.

So what prompted us to make a web site? For our existing customers mostly but also to reach out to new customers with a truly healthy and unique alternative to conventional paraffin candles. Also I have been buying and selling on Ebay for years and do most of my shopping online so I know what good customer service is and what is not in an online shopping environment. Besides providing what we think is a superior product we are very serious about making sure our customers are totally satisfied.


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